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Album #3

The music for my next album is written and arranged, and the recording dates are scheduled for mid-September!  Brad, Kenneth and I have been playing some of this music for over a year, and we've been breaking it in, gradually developing the sound.

The compositions for this album are based on the roots of music born in the regions along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.  Growing up in St. Louis, I was vaguely aware of the rich music to come from river towns, but in the last ten years the dots have been connecting.  Sure, many great musicians end up in coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles, but the roots of America's music are firmly planted in Memphis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, and New Orleans. The music for the album ranges from straight up head bobbing grooves to ballads, slow blues, and rock inspired walls of sound, but it's all connected with recurring melodies, harmonic structure, and even Mark Twain inspired titles.

I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of the process with you as we march on towards recording!