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Last Call to Pre-Order Tributary!

Tributary design by Philip Manning

The Tributary Pre-Order is coming to an end!

This Sunday, August 8, will be your last chance to buy one of the Tributary pre-order packages. The support so far has been humbling and very encouraging. Thank you to everyone that has helped me reach my goal, and thank you for your patience as I take the time to get these things taken care of all by myself!

I am now ready to move forward with manufacturing CDs, and a few days after that I'll place the order for the t-shirts and hot sauce. CDs will of course continue to be available for a long time, but the other items are being ordered based on the pre-order demand, and extra quantities will be limited. Currently, I don't have any plans to re-order these items. If you're interested in a t-shirt or bottle of Junior's Swamp Sauce Hot Sauce, you should order them now!

Once the pre-order is closed, you will still be able to buy the album (CD and download), plus the remaining other items, at Bandcamp. Tributary is also available to download wherever digital music is sold.