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Preview a New Track: "The Bottoms"

[audio:The_Bottoms-work_in_progress.mp3|titles=The Bottoms]

"The Bottoms" (final mix) from Tributary

Here is the final mix* of a new track from my new album. I'm pretty sure this is the internet debut of "The Bottoms" which happens to be the last track I wrote for Tributary.

A little about this tune:

"The Bottoms" is named after the flood plains along the Missouri River, specifically an area in St. Louis where I used to go running in high school. Before levies were built, the land would flood every few years, making the soil especially fertile for farming (pictured above, circa 1943). There are still some farms down there, but also baseball fields where I played little league and a few low traffic roads perfect for running. Whenever my friends and I would hit the bottoms on a long run, it was a chance to pick up the pace, have some fun, and show off a little. That's kind of the idea with the solo form for this tune.

All three of us get a chance to solo here, but there's an especially great drum solo by Kenneth Salters. You can see us rehearsing it in this video (after a minute of goofing off).

*Note that this track is not completely finished. What you are hearing is a work in progress.