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Tale of the Tape

I'm lounging on my couch today after two long days at Seaside Lounge recording studios in Brooklyn.  The days should have been tiring--the live room was pretty hot and very humid, we did a lot of takes on a lot of songs--but we were having so much fun the time just kind of flew by.  We recorded 10 songs for the new album, plus some extra improvisations, all in all probably enough music for a box set.  The next few weeks I'll be working with Brad and Kenneth choosing the best takes, and then we'll have some more recording to do.

My friend Josh Penchina, a documentary film producer, joined us both days in the studio and did a lot of filming.  He might have about as many hours of film to go through as we have music.  He'll be using this footage and more to make a short video about the project.  Needless to say, I'm very excited about this!

Many thanks to Eric, our engineer, for working so hard with us.  I had a pretty aggressive schedule in mind, but he worked fast and the whole session felt very relaxed.  I think that will come across in the music, not to mention the great sounds he captured.

And of course, I couldn't do any of this without the guys in the band.  Their playing was incredible.  We'd finish a take on a difficult tune, look around the room at each other, know what we needed to do on the next take and just count it off.

I feel great about what we recorded and can't wait to start the next step of the process.