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Tributary Artwork by Philip Manning

Tributary album cover

Album cover

Tributary by Cameron Mizell - album artwork by Philip Manning

Inside panels of the eco-wallet

Tributary is one step closer to being completed! Graphic designer and artist Philip Manning has been working diligently to finish the album artwork, and what you see here is some of the final product. I sent him the music and explained, probably ad nauseam, the concept behind my compositions and the album as a whole. He put in a lot of work to create a visual interpretation of the music. He tells me he's been listening to the music on repeat while he works. Other than me, he's probably listened to this thing more than anybody else. And he still likes it (or so he tells me)!

We've got some proofing and tweaking to do, but for all intents and purposes, this is what it'll look like. We should be headed into production in a couple weeks, and my goal is to have CDs ready to ship by July 20.