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Tributary Available to Pre-Order!

After a lot of hard work over the last couple years, I'm proud to finally announce that Tributary is now available to pre-order! Tributary album cover

Click Here to Pre-Order Tributary

Preview samples from the album while you read more:

[audio:Tributary_Preview.mp3,Bottoms_Preview.mp3,Sawdust_Preview.mp3,Mississippi_Preview.mp3,Ghost_Preview.mp3,Junior_Preview.mp3,Another_Preview.mp3,Swell_Preview.mp3,Return_Preview.mp3,Epilogue_Preview.mp3|titles=Tributary,The Bottoms,Sawdust Dive,Mississippi Mud Clerk,Ghost Town,Junior's Swamp Sauce,Another Old Fashion,Swell,The Return,Tributary (Epilogue)]

The official release date is July 20, 2010, when you'll be able to buy it on iTunes, Amazon, and wherever else digital music is sold, but if you pre-order a CD now, you'll receive a special code to download the album right away. Everything else will ship as soon as it's available.

By pre-ordering Tributary, you are directly helping me complete an entirely independent project. This is the most important point I can make, and the only one that matters: You are supporting independent artists.

This is not really about how much I think my music should cost–I’m sure you could wait a while and eventually find it for free–rather this is about how much you think the music, the artwork, the performances, and the creativity is worth. Up to this point, everything has been funded independently. There have been no loans and no label backing the album. Everyone that has been hired for this the project, from the other musicians to the recording studio to the designer, are also freelancers and small businesses, hustling so they can keep making great art. In other words, your support goes a long way into the independent creative community.

So, exactly why am I doing this? The album is not completely funded, and that’s where you come in. I cannot begin production on the CDs until I raise roughly another $1,000. I could wait another month or two as I save my money, but since all the time intensive creative work is done, I feel like together, we can push this to the finish line a little faster.

To help raise the money more quickly, I've added a couple extra items you can order along with the CD. Every pre-order package includes a CD and an immediate download, but you can also get a cool t-shirt designed by Philip Manning, or even a custom label hot sauce! Take the link above to see all the pre-order packages.

Thank you in advance for all your support, and I hope you enjoy the new album!

- Cameron