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Tributary on Amie Street, Napster, and More.

Tributary by Cameron Mizell on Amie Street As Tributary continues to make it's way into various digital music stores, I thought I'd point out a few cool places to download it that aren't iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp.

First up is a website called Amie Street*. This is one of my favorite places to buy music. They have a very unique pricing model--the price increases with every download. Get an album before everybody else and you can get it legally for very little money. It's a community driven store with pricing based on demand, and rewards for customers that recommend music and help it sell. Learn more about how Amie Street works from their website, and if you hurry, you can get Tributary for next to nothing!

Next, there's Napster. Everyone knows Napster as the company that blew the top off the music industry 10 years ago by allowing massive trading of MP3s. Now it's a subscription based digital music service owned by Best Buy. If you're a subscriber, Tributary is now available on Napster.

Finally, you can also find Tributary on eMusic, another subscription based digital music store. eMusic is known for carrying independent music.

*Update: The day after I posted this, AmieStreet made an announcement that they are shutting their doors. Unfortunately it seems like this kind of pricing experiment, or perhaps the lack of major label artists, just doesn't work in the long run. Customers have been advised to spend whatever credit they have by Sept. 22. If that includes you, consider spending a couple bucks on Tributary!