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Update on the Trio Album: Tributary

Since returning from Nashville I've finally been able to really get my head around the nearly 50 gigabytes of music Brad, Kenneth and I recorded at Seaside Lounge last September. We recorded to 16 track, 2" tape and then imported each track of each take into the computer. In December I got a brand spankin' new iMac and Logic Pro to help edit and mix the album. Since I was new to Logic, I had to spend some time poking around and honing my skills on other tracks. No way I was going to use the new trio album as a testing ground!

Taking some time away from the recordings has helped give me a fresh perspective on the music, which really helps with this next step. I hear the tunes differently now. I'm a bit more objective. I've cut down some of the vamps and chosen shorter or simpler solos when appropriate. Some of the "mistakes" that initially bothered me now sound like the kind of rawness an album like this needs. This was three guys sweating it out in a tracking room for two 10 hour days, just having a good time. That's how it needs to sound.

The music isn't ready for the world to hear just yet, and I don't have a release date, but I do have a title: Tributary.