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Where to Buy Tributary on CD

Tributary CDs Available at CDBaby and Bandcamp

CDBaby // Bandcamp

Tributary CDs are available to buy online at CDBaby and Bandcamp. They're the same price and the music is exactly the same, but the stores have a couple differences.

CDBaby is basically a regular online CD store, selling music from thousands of artists. If you're looking for new music from several artists, you could go here and order several CDs at a time (including my other CDs), save on shipping, support more independent music, be an all around great person, go here. CDBaby warehouses all of my albums and ships them for me, most likely the same day you order.

Bandcamp is my storefront. When you order the CD here, you're ordering directly from me. I'll be the one packing up your CD and dropping it in the mail. It's a little more work, but more of the money goes to me. Also, when you order from Bandcamp, you'll get to download the album immediately. So even though you have to wait for the CD, you can get the music on your computer right away.

I recommend international orders be placed through CDBaby. This is simply because they can ship your order faster than me.

Thanks again for all the support, the last couple weeks have been filled with shipping copies of Tributary and getting a lot of great feedback on the music and the package. I can't tell you how happy that makes me!