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Apocalyptic Zombie Credits

Have a listen to a little ditty I call "Apocalyptic Zombie Credits":

[audio:Apocalyptic_Zombie_Credits.mp3|titles=Apocalyptic Zombie Credits]

In between working on the trio album or practicing for another gig, I like to do things like record music to accompany the end credits of a zombie flick. Actually, the movie doesn't exist yet, but maybe someday this track will have a home. I do love a good zombie movie.

This track is a stretch from my usual output, but it was good production practice and fun to experiment with drum samples and atmospheric sounds. I love to write simple themes and expand on them in cinematic arrangements, so maybe there will be more of these in the future. My wife has already challenged me to write a song that would play at the end of a Nicholas Sparks movie. He's the guy that wrote Die Hard, right?