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Free Download: "Ghost Town"

Dolce cat profile April started out on a sad note for my wife and I as we lost Dolce, our first cat. In music, dolce means to sing or play sweetly, and she truly was the sweetest pet I've known!

In honor of Dolce, I've made "Ghost Town," the ballad off Tributary, available as a free download. Simply click the "Download" link in the player below, or go here.

I wrote this tune as a lament to familiarity gone. Returning home to find things forever changed due to time, progress, births, deaths, or simply coming back to my apartment and not hearing Dolce meow as I put my keys in the door! How many cats even do that?

Please download "Ghost Town" and share it with your friends. It will only be free for a short time, and then it'll go back to a whopping $1 (and I'll continue to thank you for each dollar you spend on my music).