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New Single with Drummer Travis Whitmore

[video type="youtube" height="" id="uFDk1zv9PSw" width="460"] Drummer Travis Whitmore and I have been talking about collaborating on music for, well, years now, and we've finally been able to release one track into the wild. Travis actually lives in Virginia, and we wrote and recorded this track remotely. I sent him a guitar riff, he sent back some drum parts, and we chopped them up and sent ideas back and forth to arrange the music. Then we recorded the complete parts as if we were tracking everything separately in the studio, except the studios were 350 miles apart. Also performing on the track are Jordan Medas on bass and Brad Whiteley on organ.

Click here to buy it on iTunes, or better yet, here to buy it directly from Travis and receive a play-a-long package from drummers.

Hopefully we'll have more music coming out later this year!

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