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Free CD Trivia

In preparation for the release of my new album, Tributary, I need to clear out some space in my apartment. That means free CDs for the quick witted and internet savvy! To play, follow me on Twitter or Facebook and watch for a daily trivia question. The first two people to respond with the right answer will get a free CD of Life Is Loud. If you already have that album, I'll send you my first CD. If you have that one, well, you're pretty super and we'll figure something out. I have plenty of other music to choose from.

Here's how it'll work:

Monday through Friday of next week, I'll post one trivia question per day. I'll post Monday's question at noon EST, Tuesday's at 1pm EST, Wednesday's at 2pm EST, and so on. The questions will post on Twitter and Facebook at the exact same time. You only have to answer in one location and I'll use the time stamps to know which answers came in first.

  • To answer on Twitter, make sure you include @cameronmizell in your tweet.
  • To answer on Facebook, simply comment under the question.

If you use neither of these services, you can simply watch for the question on my Twitter feed and then email me your answer.

Here are the rules for the contest:

  1. We are at the mercy of technology. If a question goes out late or your answer gets tangled up somewhere in the web, that's all in the field of play. Everyone has to deal with the same issues, so I can't make any exceptions.
  2. I'll do my best to ask questions that have definitive, singular answers, but if something comes down to a matter of opinion, it's up to the judge.
  3. I'm the judge.
  4. CDs will ship the following week. International shipments might take longer. I'll be personally shipping every CD, so please be patient!
  5. Rules are subject to change and I can cancel the contest at any point. But I'd only do that if something really, really awful prevented me from holding up my end of the bargain.

Good luck, and thanks for playing!