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Growing Up

Bassist Andrew Wilkins, Drummer Danny Sher, Guitarist Cameron Mizell at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn, NY This past week I got a nice surprise--my good friend, bassist Andrew Wilkins, was stopping by Brooklyn while on tour! It was one of those last minute bookings, but I gladly rearranged my schedule to spend some time with him.

Andy and I go way back. We actually went to preschool together, then middle school, high school, and college. We played music together in high school, supported each other as we tried to figure out how to play jazz, and both went to the University of North Texas in the fall of 1999.

I think the last time I saw Andy was at my wedding, 6 years ago! But like true kindred spirits, it didn't feel like any time had passed at all.

Andy was playing with Trevor McSpadden and Western Automatic Music, a country/western swing band from Chicago.

Also at the show to see Andy was Danny Sher (pictured above), a fellow St. Louisan turned Brooklynite who played drums in the high school jazz band with us; Russell Holland, a guitarist that went to college with us; and my wife Jill, who needs no introduction.

Jill said it best when she leaned over to me part way through the set and whispered, "It's so good to see Andy on bass again!" Yeah, it sure was. It's really inspiring to see old friends doing what you always knew they were going to do.

Be sure it check out Andy's new website and if you're in the Chicago area, go hear him play some time: