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Happy Thanksgiving

I've been working for myself for about a year and a half now, and rarely look back. But pausing for just a moment I realized that in that time I've finished five albums and one EP, cofounded and launched a website for working musicians that gets over 17,000 visitors each month, and had a chance to perform music all over the country. Given the season I believe I should pause and acknowledge just a few of the people that keep me going. Thank you to all these people:

Jill, my lovely wife, for believing in all my crazy ideas, putting up with my home recording sessions and odd work hours, and coming to every gig possible! My parents for continually offering their support when times are tough, and doing their best to understand what it is exactly I'm doing with life. My collaborators and partners without whom I'd be making a lot less music: Lauren, Brad, Erika, Russell, Drew, and Kenneth. Dave Hahn, for letting me bend his ear over and over with new ideas. My brother Rob, for giving me the right kind of criticism at the right time (and sometimes the wrong time, but you're my brother so I'm good at ignoring you). Michael, Kevin, and Tony at HiFive for the support and work, and giving me an outlet for all that I learned while working for the Man. The Man, for giving me an opportunity to learn.

Finally, the people that are too many to name: the friends and family that give Lauren and I (and sometimes other people) a place to stay or food to eat when we're on tour. Everyone that comes to see a show. Everyone that has bought a CD or a download, told a friend about my music, or gone out on a limb to send me an inspiring email telling me that you enjoy what I do. I'm having a blast, and you fuel the ride!

Thanks many times over, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

- Cam