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Home Recording Tips, Learned the Hard Way

1. Save often. 2. Make sure you're comfortably in front of the mic and can reach the mouse/keyboard. Slightly repositioning yourself to set up punch-ins can noticeably change your tone.

3. Tell your wife when you are about to hit record.

4. Take time to pet your cat before you start, so they don't come asking for attention mid-take.

5. Save often.

6. If patience is a virtue, be the Pope.

7. Give yourself some breaks, and try not to obsess.

8. At a certain point, it's not going to get better, you're only wasting time.

9. Play less.

10. When layering several guitars, find a distinct tone for each based on it's role in the song. The same tone on top of itself just gets muddy.

11. Save often.

12. Learn how to use your equipment, inside and out.

13. When all else fails, reboot.

14. Learn the part, then press record. Doesn't work as well the other way around.

15. Sometimes, it just doesn't sound good. Chalk it up as a learning experience.

16. Try to figure out what time your neighbors get home from work (if you live in an apartment).

17. Save often.

18. Getting the part right is always easier than editing pieces together.

19. Before you say, "I can fix that." and move on to the next part, make sure you can actually fix it.

20. Learn to use what you have. You'll never have the ideal equipment, but many times the best results come unexpectedly by not being able to do what you think you need to do.