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Incoming! Links from May 2009

There have been a number of websites linking to either my site here or my articles on Musician Wages, so I thought it was time to say thanks. A few weeks ago I wrote an article called "15 Guitar Tips for Non-Guitarists," which had some beginner guitar advice for people that aren't necessarily beginner musicians. The article was reprinted on the Chicago Sun-Times website and got some love from Chris at the Classical Guitar Blog (a great resource itself).

Speaking of practicing, another article from Musician Wages got a write up from The Collaborative Piano Blog. My article was about establishing good practice habits as a professional musician, something that can be difficult to do with an irregular schedule like that of a freelancer.

On his Ottawa Citizen jazz blog, Thriving On A Riff, author Peter Hum wrote an article about jazz musician wages called "The Wages of Swing." That article is an excellent evaluation of the exact thing Dave Hahn and I had in mind when we started Musician Wages: Exactly how much (how little?) do musicians get paid? Hum quotes one of my articles about booking gigs in NYC.

Along the lines of making money as a musician, I wrote a guest article for called "Multiple Streams of Musician Income." If you read the last article by Peter Hum and want some ideas for turning music into a day job, give this a read.

Finally, thanks to Jason at Bluevibe Studio for his kind words about my articles. It's always nice to know that people actually find the information I share useful.

When people ask me why I give away all my "secrets" the answer is quite simple: I just want to help people. This information should be readily available to everyone. The real trick is doing the work. That my friends, is something no one can do for you.