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Junior's Swamp Sauce Remix Kit

Do you remix? Want to try?

Download the stems to "Junior's Swamp Sauce" from Tributary and create your own remix! The stems are available to download for free, as is the complete track, so you can get started chopping them up and experimenting right away.

What are stems?

Stems are simply the the individual parts of a recording. In this case you get five isolated parts:

  • Guitar
  • Rhodes
  • Hammond B3
  • Synth bass
  • Drums

Each part starts at the same spot regardless of whether or not there is any sound. The Rhodes part, for example, is silent for the first minute.

Because we tracked the album live, you'll notice the parts aren't completely isolated. There is some drum bleed in the guitar track and synth bass bleed on the Hammond B3 track. That's normal, and all part of the charm.

Remix EP

I've toyed with the idea of remixing several of the funkier tracks from Tributary and releasing them as an EP. The remixers will be compensated and given full credit for their work. Interested? Let me see what you can do with this track and stay tuned for more Remix Kits to be available soon at

Terms of Use

Not to ruin the fun, but I need to state a few legal matters. These stems are available for you to do whatever you want, however, I still own the rights to the recording and underlying composition. That means you cannot sell or hire out your remix or samples of these recordings without my permission. However, you can share it with your friends, put it on your website, YouTube, or use it promotionally as long you give credit the original recording and the performers:

"Junior's Swamp Sauce" composed and arranged by Cameron Mizell

Cameron Mizell - guitar Brad Whiteley - Hammond B3, Rhodes, synth bass Kenneth Salters - drums

Originally released on the album Tributary (July 20, 2010).

Send them to me and I'll post them on my site!