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Mom's Custom Amp Covers

Mom's Custom Amp Cover for a Bugera V22 While studying music in college, I was often dragging my Polytone Minibrute across campus for rehersals, class, jam sessions, and performances. Despite careful handling, scuffs, bumps, and normal wear and tear was starting to wear down the vinyl covering on the amp itself.

Like any resourceful college student, I called my mom. She knows her way around a sewing machine, with years of experience doing everything from hemming my pants to making costumes for a ballet company. She’s an expert quilter, sews helmet liners for our troops overseas, knits hats for chemo patients, and just about anything else you can put together with a needle and thread.

Ten years later, I still use the original custom amp cover Mom made for my Polytone. She’s also made a cover for my Bogner Duende, which I take to many gigs in New York City where clubs turn over half a dozen bands every night.

As I throw my custom amp cover over the Bogner and pull it off the stage, the guitarist in the next band slides his beat up Fender Twin in it’s place and asks, “Where’d you get that cover?”

“My mom made it,” I tell him.

After having that conversation for 5 years, I suggested it was time Mom went into business. I put together a website for her and we're taking orders. I'm just helping her out, all the money goes to her which in turn helps her buy materials for the helmet liners, chemo hats, and other projects she donates.

If you have an amp that needs a dust cover or some lightweight protection to prevent it from getting scuffed up, check out Mom's Custom Amp Covers, send her the measurements for your amp, and we'll send you back a quote. Support a good cause--my mom!