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Musicians and Health Care Reform

Please take a moment to read an article by my friend Dave Hahn, also the co-founder of, on the topic of health care reform. Towards the end of his  contract as a cruise ship pianist, Dave got sick. It turned out he had cancer at 26, and one of the first things he did was research how much it costs to treat cancer. We ought to question the morals of our society when treatment for the sick is marketed as a scarce resource. Imagine the amount of talent and critical thinking that is wasted when people are dissuaded from their passions because they can't afford basic medical treatment.

Musicians and Health Care Reform

Dave has provided some useful links to the to help you take some action. At the very least, please leave a comment to voice your support.

Dave also kept an inspiring and well written blog during the year he was fighting cancer. To learn more about his story, visit Chronicles of a Cancer Patient Survivor (also available as an eBook).