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Photo Journal

The last several weeks have been wonderfully busy with a wide variety of work. I performed or recorded with virtually every band I work with regularly, wrote with new collaborators, and more. I had opportunities to play guitar, mandolin, bass, and harmonica. I feel truly blessed to be playing so much music with so many talented people. Equipped with my iPhone, I've snapped pictures along the way. Here are some of the shots from the last few weeks: My 1967 Gibson ES-175 resting on my amp during a rehearsal with dancer/choreographer/singer ChristinaNoel Reaves.

Gibson ES-175 - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

Practicing my harmonica chops for a recent show with Stellar Ego.

Blues Harmonica - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

Sometimes I need to crank my amp when I record at home, so I build a fort out of couch cushions around my Bogner Duende so I don't bother the neighbors. Such is life for the NYC guitarist! I took this shot while working on a guitar track for singer/songwriter Lauren Zettler.

Home Recording - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

Stellar Ego has started recording a new album. Here we are in our drummer Danny Wolf's studio.

Recording with Stellar Ego - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

This is Nash, Danny's black lab. He likes to hang out with us while we record. I'd just looked down and caught him licking my pedals. When I told him to stop, he gave me this look.

Recording with Stellar Ego - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

One night, I rehearsed in the basement of a Washington Heights bodega, through a trap door in one of the aisles. File this one under "only in New York!"

Bodega Basement Rehearsal - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

I've started collaborating with vocalist Calley Bliss. One day she came over to record some demos of new material and stuck around to have dinner with Jill and me. I made one of our favorite vegetarian, gluten free recipes: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers!

Cooking - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

Being this busy means a lot of time in the subway. Although pretty much every station is dirty and rundown, there's a lot of beauty in the architecture, tile mosaics, and parallel lines. Taking pictures is a nice way to pass the time waiting for trains.

Uptown - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

Subway - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

A new Little Grey Girlfriend track is in the works. I spent one day working with Erika and Brad, laying down some guitar parts at their apartment in Brooklyn.

Recording with Little Grey Girlfriend - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

This past week, I spent every day playing electric bass for a concert reading of Son of a Gun, a musical by Don Chaffer and Chris Cragin. The setting was new for me. I've done musicals in the past, but never in New York and never for a work in progress. These readings give the composer and writer a chance to experience their work in its current state and make changes along the way.

Rehearsing Son of a Gun - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

The music, however, was exactly what I do on a regular basis. Composer Don Chaffer is a brilliant Nashville songwriter, and his music is influenced by many of the same artists I'm often borrowing from on other gigs. Plus, the "score" was written out in a format I see on most of my gigs, Word docs!

Rehearsing for Son of a Gun - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

One of the best parts of the gig was working with my good friend Dave Hahn. He music directed the gig. The two of us have worked together closely on for years, but I think this was the first time the two of us really got to work together as musicians!

Son of a Gun music director David J. Hahn with composer Don Chaffer - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

Here was the view from the rehearsal space on 8th Ave & 37th St.

New York City - NYC guitarist Cameron Mizell

Many of these photos were taken with an iPhone app called Instagram. If you use that app, you can find me there under the username "cameronmizell". I also post most of those photos to my Posterous blog, which I simply use as a photo journal.