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Plugins Used on My Website

Photo via Flickr

In the spirit of sharing ideas, here are some of the plugins and tools I used to create this website. If you're a musician looking to build your own website, I hope this will help!

  • Gigpress - Every musician needs a calendar for their gigs, and I thought this one fit into my site best. Check it out on my Tour page, and also in the left sidebar. Notice how it turns the venue addresses into a link for Google Maps?
  • Audio Player - As simple as the name suggests, this slick audio player fits neatly on the page, encodes the location of your mp3 files, and can stream playlists. I use it all over this site, such as on the Discography page.
  • Bandcamp - I've also begun using Bandcamp's embedded widget in a few places on my site. This is not really a plugin, but it integrates beautifully with WordPress and collects metrics about the plays.
  • FanBridge - I manage my mailing list with FanBridge, and have been very happy with their service. They offer a very easy solution mailing list management, and the basic plan is free.
  • Contact Form - This email form is pretty simple, there are probably more powerful options available, but for what I need this does the trick. As you might expect, you can see it in action on my Contact page.
  • Multi-Level Navigation - I wanted to keep my menu straight forward, but I have a number of sub pages that ought to be easily accessible. A slick drop down menu like this gets the job done.
  • Video Playlists - This actually isn't a plugin, but by creating playlists on YouTube I could then simply embed them onto my Video page.
  • SimplePie - SimplePie allows you to pull feeds from outside blogs or social networks into your site. It's a very powerful plugin, though right now I simply use it to create my Articles page, which pulls in excerpts from my most recent articles.
  • ShareThis - Web 2.0 is nothing without social network bookmarking and easy sharing options, and I thought this was a nice, clutter-free option to add to my posts. It shows up automatically on every page, and every post. Click on it below to see how it works.
  • Popular Posts - Something I'm trying out right now to see if I can increase page views per visitor. You'll find a list of Popular Pages and Posts in the inner sidebar.