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This has been a busy year for me and many of the people I work with. I've pretty much kept my head down and just tried to keep moving forward, but looking back there have been some people kind enough to share a piece of my story with their readers or listeners. Here are just a few links to some recent features:

Trumpeter Jason Parker keeps a blog about being a working musician, and every Friday features another musician for his "Makin' it Happen" series:

Darryl Gregory runs a podcast and blog called Unsigned Underground. He recently interviewed me on my role as producer for many of the albums I've been working on over the last year (and Episode 26 was an interview with my friend and musical cohort, Lauren Zettler):

Heather McDonald writes for Music Careers at and included me in her year end wrap up:

And most recently, Josh at the music blog East Meets Left wrote a very complimentary review of Lauren and my Christmas album, Sounds Like Snow:

Many thanks to everyone who has taken time to support this year's efforts!