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Stating the Obvious

Are people supposed to know how to listen to your music if you don't tell them?

Whenever I've tried a new wine, the decision was easier when somebody explained the nuances of it's region or how to pair it with food. I always avoided trying something new if the person selling it to me was snobbish. In fact, John Cleese's Wine For The Confused is a great documentary on talking about and discovering wine. The way he asks people to find words to describe the flavors is brilliant (English accent on brilliant).

Music is no different, really. If you're stuck up about it, people don't think your music is better, they just think you're an asshole. Jazz has a terrible reputation because of a small number of purists who use lingo confusing to the lay person. Classical styles of music have worse reps for the same reason.

On the other hand, if you give people some perspective on your music before they try it, they'll be more open to what they're hearing and have a fuller experience. Don't always act like they have to sit there and concentrate on every note or lyric. That's not how we drink wine. Instead suggest some activities that are enhanced by your music. It's a great starting place.

Think of all the music from your life that is tied to happy memories. Whenever I listen to Rage Against the Machine or Jack-o-Pearce I'm reminded of a particular road trip where we only had two cassette tapes in the car. The trip was a blast, and I'll always remember that music.

We get so wrapped up in our own music that we forget others see it differently. They might not notice it at all without an invitation.

Come to think of it, free tasting is a pretty good idea, too.