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The Warehouse

Shipping CDs and T-shirts Most of my time is spent playing music--rehearsing, recording, performing, practicing, composing, arranging, etc. Some of my time is spent online getting the word out about what's going on with said music, and occasionally I put on my Dickies, saddle up the forklift, and head to the warehouse. Or to put it another way, head to Staples to buy a bunch of padded envelopes and then stand in line at the Brooklyn post office for a couple hours.

Today is one of the latter. I'm getting a bunch of stuff ready to ship, including the Sounds Like Snow CDs and some Tributary related items (including the t-shirts I owe everybody, modeled here by the sexy beer drinkin’ grillin’ machine, Eric).

Sounds Like Snow CDs

There are still a handful of Sounds Like Snow CDs available to order here, via PayPal:

Lauren and I made a limited quantity of CDs last year for stocking stuffers. We don't have any plans to make more once these are gone, so get'em while they're available!

Tributary Stuff

After sorting through all the t-shirts and setting aside the pre-orders (shipping today), it looks like I only have 10 tees left in select sizes.

  • Women's S (3), M (3), L (1)
  • Men's: L (1), XL (2)

I'm selling them online, bundled with a CD, for $25, via Bandcamp. If they don't sell out by my next show (December 16 at the Shrine in Harlem), I'll have them with me to sell in person.

Speaking of the pre-orders, a few of you ordered the Limited Edition Junior's Swamp Sauce Hot Sauce, which I still owe you! I apologize for the delay. I hit some hurdles and had to find a new distributor, sort out pricing that still fit within the budget, etc. I found a great place in Georgia, and the hot sauce is in the works. Thanks for being patient!

I'll also be sending more CDs to CDBaby, who are running low on my inventory. That's always a great place to order CDs, especially for international shipping.

Anyway, back to the forklift.