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Three Broken Records, Vol. 1

When I get into an album, I listen to it repeatedly for a few weeks.  Here are the albums I've been listening to most in June. Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen. This CD has been on constant rotation in my car. I'm trying to learn how to sing, and most of these songs are in my range and easy to just pick up my guitar and play. It also gives me an excuse to play some rack harmonica. This album appeals to me because it's got an unpolished raw quality about it and a classic Springsteen lyrical narrative. It was originally recorded as a demo, but everyone involved in the making of the full album with the E-Street Band decided the demo better captured the essence of the music, so that was what they released.

Abbey Road - The Beatles. One of the first songs I learned when I was taking guitar lessons as a kid was George Harrison's "Here Comes The Sun" but at that point I hadn't really developed a taste in music, it was just a song my teacher decided to work on. 20 years later I've finally really dug into the music of The Beatles, and Abbey Road is currently my favorite album (subject to change next month).

Hoodoo Man Blues - Junior Wells. Junior Wells has gradually emerged as my favorite blues harmonica player, and Buddy Guy who plays sideman here, has always been a favorite. As a guitarist, listening to and learning to play blues harmonica teaches me a different way to develop and phrase melodies. As Wells demonstrates on these cuts, it's not about how many notes you play, it's about how you play those notes.

If you're curious to see what I'm listening to right now, head over to my profile, which tracks all the music I listen to from my computer. You can also read other Three Broken Records posts.