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Meet the Trio: Kenneth Salters, Drums

Kenneth Salters drums Kenneth Salters has been playing drums with my trio since 2007. I remember his first gig with us. He was subbing for our regular drummer, played the show with no rehearsal, barely knew the music, and killed it. Later that year we needed a new drummer, and Brad and I both knew who should fill the chair.

Kenneth is an incredibly musical drummer. You can tell he always has the melody in his head and develops his ideas around the framework of the tune. He's constantly listening and interacting with the band, and has plenty of chops to burn. But I don't need to say much about his drumming, just listen to Tributary and hear for yourself.

There are a number of tunes from Tributary written with Kenneth's abilities in mind. The title track, The Bottoms, Swell, and Mississippi Mud Clerk all have sections built upon the drum part, and I knew Kenneth would not only be able to play whatever I threw at him but make it better in the process.

In fact, after we recorded the album and I was going through all the takes of every song and later mixing, I realized just how much incredible drumming is on the album. The music demands a lot from the drummer, but through the nearly 80 takes recorded over two days, I don't think there was ever anything I didn't feel we could use because of the drums. Ken was on point the entire time.

I'm confident that someday Kenneth is going to be a well known drummer. Aside from his playing, he's a great guy, always fun to hang with, and a true professional. I'm proud to have this guy in the band!