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Meet the Trio: Random Facts

The other day Kenneth, Brad and I were having afternoon tea and discussing the platform of the Rent Is Too Damn High gubernatorial candidate when we got off topic and started discussing our music. Some interesting things to note:

First albums we ever bought:

Kenneth: Chick Corea's Friends, "Absolutely played it to death."

Brad: [Claims he doesn't remember. This is coming from a guy that has more songs memorized than anyone I know.]

Cameron: Stone Temple Pilots' Core, "I'd gotten hand-me-down tapes from my sister, but this was the first CD that was all mine. I had Grandma buy it for me on my birthday."

Most embarrassing albums we ever bought:

Kenneth: "I bought every single Dave Weckl album... every single one."

Brad: "I'm proud of all my album purchases!"

Cameron: "I once bought what ended up being a smooth jazz tribute to Wes Montgomery, thinking it was actually one of Wes' albums. Couldn't muster the courage to exchange it at the record store so I actually still have it."

First complete songs we ever learned:

Kenneth: "'Lightening Crashes' by Live, on guitar... damn, that's embarrassing, too. On drums, probably something by Offspring. That was my second album."

Brad: "'Hot Cross Buns' by Anonymous when I was 4."

Cameron: "I learned 'Blowin' In The Wind' in my guitar lessons when I was 9 or 10, but the first song I chose to learn was probably 'Two Princes' by Spin Doctors... guitar solo and all!"

If we weren't musicians, we'd make a living as a:

Kenneth: Professional Golfer!!

Brad: Easy! Professional Dreamer. Or Urban Planner.

Cameron: Architect, probably designing golf courses in urban areas.

Our catch phrases, as assigned by our bandmates:

Kenneth: Brad, "2+2=5" / Cam, "Time to make the donuts."

Brad: Cam, "It's Beer O'Clock" / Kenneth, "Sweeeeeeet!"

Cameron: Kenneth, "What?!" / Brad, "I'm here!"