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Midwest Tour Video #4

The beautiful thing about house concerts is that you're guaranteed to have a receptive and attentive audience, and when the house concert is in the neighborhood where you grew up, you're guaranteed a crowd. Last night we played a show as a fundraiser for the Red Cross in the cul de sac outside Lauren's parents' house. There were nearly 150 people watching from the front lawns surrounding our little stage (including my parents and mother-in-law that drove up from St. Louis!). The energy was amazing. I don't think I've ever been personally (and genuinely) thanked for playing music by as many people as I was last night.

We also did quite well in CD sales and gas money donations. Going into this tour our goal was to break even, and after last night I think we'll easily manage that goal as long as we don't lose too much money on gas and food over the next few days. We booked the whole tour around last night's show. It was an amazing success and I can't wait to carry the energy into the rest of the week.

We'll be in my hometown this Wednesday, at Pop's Blue Moon. I'm counting on my family and friends to turn out in a similar fashion and show Lauren how we do it in St. Louis! And you can see the rest of the tour dates on my calendar.