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Recent Trip to Nashville

Last November, Lauren and I went down to Nashville for a few shows and meetings. It was a really productive trip and we knew we needed to go back, so we booked a show and made plans to work with a team of producers we met the first time around. Things didn't go exactly as planned, but we still had a good trip.

We left NYC on January 28th and got to Nashville right as a huge winter storm was coming through. Nashville isn't equipped for that kind of weather. The venue canceled our gig and the entire town closed shop. The roads were a mess. I think the news reported over 80 accidents that weekend. We spent most of the weekend snowed in at a friend's apartment. The picture above, taken by Dannielle as everyone was winding down for the night, shows the living room full of temporary bedding surrounded by instruments and suitcases. Fairly typical of life on the road, when you're lucky enough to have friends that let you crash at their apartment!

Even though our show was canceled, we decided to turn the living room into our own venue. Our friend Allison Weiss, who was supposed to play the show with us, set up a live video stream so we could perform via the internet. We spread the word using Twitter and played music for two hours to about 90 people, literally all over the world.

Lauren and I also enlisted the help of some of the girls to record another ukulele/mandolin cover song, Go West's "King of Wishful Thinking":

The following week we did a lot of writing and practicing new songs. There is a new Lauren Zettler album somewhere in the works, it's just a matter of continuing to develop the new material. This time around, we're enlisting the help of a couple producers to give us a fresh perspective on our music. We recorded one song on this trip, are really excited about how it's sounding, and will make plans soon to return to Nashville and continue recording.

Meanwhile, I have a lot on my plate. I've been working on my trio album and just did some recording with Erika and Brad for a new Little Grey Girlfriend EP (or album, they're not sure yet). I've also started playing mandolin for the City Billies. My first show with them is this Thursday, 2/18 at Southpaw in Brooklyn. For those of you in southern New Jersey, Lauren and I will be playing a benefit for St. Jude's on Saturday with Bo Rains.

Stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading.

- Cameron