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Stellar Ego CD Release Show

Stellar Ego Last year I started playing with Stellar Ego, a rock band featuring the music of Guy Prandstatter. Last October we started recording an album, which will be released Friday of next week (February 11) at Crash Mansion in NYC.

When I joined the band, the bassist (Ben Kogan) and drummer (Danny Wolf) had both been working with Guy for nearly a year. I was faced with learning over an hour's worth of material. Some guitar parts were established, others were open for my interpretation. My rock chops needed some dusting since I hadn't played in a serious rock band since college, but the music is very similar to the bands I was into when I started playing guitar: Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Led Zeppelin. There's also a very strong blues element in most of the music.

These guys are great musicians and a lot of fun to work with. I think that's reflected in the recordings, and of course the live show.

Here's one of the tracks off the album, one of the heavier riffing cuts:

Hear more at If you can make it out to the show next week, it'd be great to see you!