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Tour Downtime

Lauren and I have had the last few days off from touring, but we're still in Indiana, playing the ukulele and mandolin in cornfields and going to Steak 'n' Shake. Tonight we play a show in Dayton, and then we have five shows in a row before getting another night off. But the days off don't really count as downtime--instead we've been practicing a lot, working on new music and preparing some more treats for the internet.

When Lauren and I aren't practicing something together, I've been practicing a lot on my own. I'm getting in my hour before noon, and spending a lot of it just blowing over jazz standards and chord/melody solos. I'm also reading through some Bach solo violin pieces, something I haven't done much of since college. And of course, I'm shedding my own tunes in preparation of recording my next trio album in September.

There won't be nearly as much time to practice over the next week. I guess that's why we cram it into the downtime!