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Weekend Get-Away Tours + Nashville

cam-lauren-basementOne of the great things about living in the Northeast is the close proximity of other cities. Lauren and I have been taking advantage of this by heading out for a few out of town shows for a couple days, then getting to spend some time at home. These aren't full fledged tours, but they give us a chance to go out and play for a lot of new people. A couple weekends ago we went to Connecticut for a house show and then drove down to Philadelphia to open for the talented Liz Longley. We had a chance to play in front of friends and family one night, then a room full of strangers the next. If there's one thing Lauren and I have figured out since our Midwest Tour last summer, it's that combining house shows with club dates on the road is the way to go.

After taking a few days off in NYC, we headed south to play a couple shows with Allison Weiss and her brother/guitarist AJ. First, we played a show in Asheville, North Carolina. Upon arriving at the club we learned that we were, to paraphrase the club's manager, "basically opening for a heavy metal band." So after a few phone calls we moved our show to the basement studio of a very generous friend of a friend's house (thank you Doug, thank you Lauren B.). Everyone that came to the club to see us was redirected to the house for a cozy and casual performance.

When the show was over we stayed at a farm outside Asheville with some friends. It was the perfect time of year to be in this part of the country; the farm was beautiful. There was a whole crew of people staying over at the farm that night, and we had a big blueberry pancake breakfast the next morning. Allison even put together a Breakfast Update video, which is now standard practice for Lauren Zettler/Allison Weiss tours.

photoNext, we headed to Nashville. We played one more show with Allison and AJ in Murfreesboro (just outside Nashville), and then Lauren and I had a few days to meet with other musicians, producers, and songwriters. We'd been told that everyone in the Nashville scene is really nice and welcoming. They weren't kidding. Everybody was amazing. We spent an entire day with Marylynne and Brad Stella, and their two unbelievably talented little girls. We ate food, talked, played music (including the girls), and ate some more. Somewhere along the way I became the designated word search creator and made puzzles for the girls (word searches happened to be my favorite puzzles as a kid). Unfortunately we couldn't spend that much time with everyone we met, but thank you to Brad, Marylynne, Lennon, Maisey, Mary, Ian, Justin, Neil, and everyone else that set aside some time for us. And a huge thanks to Deanna and Kait for giving us a place to stay and help show us around.

Our trip ended with a show at The Basement on Tuesday night. There was so much positive musical energy up to that point I was afraid I'd over play my guitar parts, but I calmed down enough to do my thing, and Lauren and I had a blast on stage. The next day we had a 14 hour drive back to NYC. It was sad to leave Nashville, but it's always exciting to come back home to NYC. There's nothing quite like coming over that last hill in New Jersey on I-78 and seeing the city skyline. Makes me smile every time.