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Gift Ideas for Guitarists

Matt Umanov Guitars

It often seems like everybody plays guitar, and even if that's an exaggeration, I bet we all know somebody that plays guitar. Most guitarists are pretty geeky about all their toys, and there's always some sort of gear we "need." Here are some gift ideas tailored for guitar players!


Shubb CapoThe Shubb capo is the best designed capo I've ever used. Most capos are made with a spring that puts too much pressure on the guitar strings and can cause intonation problems. This one allows the guitarist to adjust the pressure so it holds the strings down without pulling them sharp. (Shubb Capo $21.95)

Guitar Stand

Road Runner Guitar StandThis type of guitar stand is geared towards the gigging guitarist that has multiple guitars. It's doesn't necessarily show off the instruments as they sit in the corner of your room, but it saves space and breaks down so you can take it to the gig. Speaking from experience, this stand is a lot more useful than having half a dozen folding tripod stands. (Road Runner 7 Guitar Stand Flightcase $99.99)

Gig Bag / Case

Reunion Blues Continental Guitar CaseReunion Blues has always made great gig bags for musicians, and they just came out with a new model for guitars called the Continental. The RB Continental offers the same, if not better, protection that a regular case, but it's lighter and easier to schlep around thanks to the shoulder straps we guitarists have come to love about our gig bags. There are models for all types of guitars. The electric guitar model is pictured here. (Reunion Blues RB Continental Electric Guitar Case $169.95)

Pedal Board

31GlhyzVr3L._SL500_AA250_Over the years I've come spent a lot of money on effects pedals, but then I got cheap and only spent $40 on a cheap pedal board. A couple tours and plenty of hauls on the subway stairs later, the board and case are falling apart. A better option is the Pedaltrain board and ATA flight case, which protects the $1,000+ collection of toys on the inside. (Pedaltrain PT-2 w/ Case $189.95)

Effects Pedals

Memory ManThe more sounds I can make with my guitar, the more versatile I can be on a gig. There are a ton of effects out there for guitarists, and one designed to make a lot of noise is the Electro-Harmonix Memory Man w/ Hazarai (pictured, $214.50). Other great pedals include the Maxon AF-9 ($232.50) and T.C. Electronic's Stereo Chorus/Flanger ($299). Or your guitarist might need a power supply for his pedals, such as the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 ($169.99). There is virtually an endless variety of effects out there, so check to see what he or she really wants before spending too much money!

Strap Locks

Strap LocksEvery gigging guitarist could use some help keeping their guitar strapped in place, especially if they play multiple instruments or move around the stage a lot. Strap locks do exactly what you'd think, and prevent the guitar strap from accidentally coming undone and sending the guitar to the ground. (Dunlop Dual-Design Straplok System $15.44)


Guitar StringsWorking guitarists burn through strings weekly, and it's always nice to stock up. Plus, strings are inexpensive and make nice stocking stuffers. The only issue is that every guitarist has a preference, so you might want to double check before purchasing. I use pretty common strings for both my electric (D'Addario EXL 115) and my acoustic (D'Addario EJ16, pictured). You can usually find bulk packaging as well (3 sets in one box) for a slight discount.