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Music Notation for Guitar

Writing music for the guitar, just like any other instrument, is an acquired skill. Since most composers and arrangers don't play guitar, they simply don't understand the limitations of the instrument. Many people write music at a piano, but a straight piano part does not typically translate well to the guitar. However, if you learn a few tricks, you can turn virtually any piano accompaniment into music for the guitar.

The guitar is a very versatile instrument with a huge range, great for lead lines or comping chords, and electric guitarists can use effects to create a wide variety of tones. When I get music that's well written for my instrument, I'm able to focus more energy on making the real music happen rather than trying to figure out what to play.

To help the cause, I've written an article on explaining basic notation techniques for guitar. To read the article, go here:

Music Notation for Guitar -

If you need assistance notating, arranging, or writing guitar parts for your music, I can help. Please email me details of your project and I'll quote you my rate and estimated turn around time.