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New Pedalboard Layout

New York Guitarist Cameron Mizell's Pedalboard One of the most popular posts on my site has to do with building my pedalboard in January 2010. I guess there are a lot of guitar nerds like myself out there curious about pedalboard configurations! Well, every few months I end up buying a new pedal, trying out different sounds for different gigs, swapping out this pedal for that one, and my pedalboard has undergone some changes. Here's the current setup.

These are all mounted on a Pedaltrain PT-2 and powered by a Voodoo Lab’s Pedal Power. It's a fairly heavy rig to drag around New York City, but when it comes to getting on and off stage quickly, as is usually the case in this town, having a pedalboard like this comes in handy.

For rehearsals or other situations that don't need as much variety in tone, I usually bring these:

I can get a wide variety of sounds out of the PlimSoul, and the boost pedal allows me to saturate it further for leads. The Memory Toy is a great little analog delay with rich modulation that can virtually double as a chorus pedal when you get the knobs right. You can get a lot of mileage out of these three boxes.

There's your yearly update on my current pedalboard setup! For a complete list of my rig, check out my Gear page, or just come to a show sometime and we can talk shop.