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Lick of the Week 34: Wes Montgomery "Freddie Freeloader" Lick 2

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Today we're looking at another Wes Montgomery lick from his solo on "Freddie Freeloader" off Portrait of Wes. This lick picks up exactly where we left off earlier this week, in bar 4 of the blues form.

What I love about this lick is how he gets into the Eb7 with Dmaj7 arpeggio. Wes played by ear, so while we could analyze the chord substitutions he suggests throughout his solos, sometimes it's just better to just understand it--or just enjoy it--with our ears. On this particular recording, Wes is playing in a trio setting with organist Mel Rhyne and drummer George Brown. Rhyne gives Wes plenty of harmonic freedom, which allows him to play lines like this.


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