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Lick of the Week 37: Chicken Pickin' Guitar Lick in E

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I learned this lick the same place I've learned most of my country licks, from my good friend Lance Seymour. Lance is an amazing guitarist based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also the founder of the Gear Talk groups on Facebook. He recently created Gear Talk: Woodshed, a forum for learning and sharing ideas about playing guitar. I am helping curate the lessons. Be sure to check it out! Lance also demos guitar pedals at the Gear Talk YouTube channel.

This week's lick is fast, but the slurs and hybrid picking make it easier than it sounds. I play it slowly in the video twice. The first time, pay attention to my left hand to see how I slide up into 4th position. The second time through watch my picking hand to see how I hybrid pick the second half of the lick.

Happy practicing!


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