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Lick of the Week 38: Kurt Rosenwinkel Arpeggio Exercise

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This is a handy arpeggio when you need to get from a low note way up the neck to a high note. I originally learned it, along with the exercise demonstrated here, while listening to Kurt Rosenwinkel warm up before giving a masterclass at UNT, over ten years ago!

There are two tricky parts to this lick: Shifting your left hand up the neck, and alternate picking. To shift my hand, I wait until I get two octaves up from the starting note, which I play with my pinky on the B string, and then let my wrist lead the rest of my hand into position. Practice this slowly and deliberately, along with the alternate picking, and you'll be able to speed it up in no time.  Using the exercise to go up and down the next will really help engrain this into your muscle memory.


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