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Lick of the Week 20: July 15

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This week's lick is great for beginners. It uses what is commonly referred to as the first "box" position of the minor pentatonic scale. We're adding the flat 5, or Gb, to the pentatonic scale to create the Blues Scale. After the bending part of the lick all you do is run down the blues scale from top to bottom, but when you reach the bottom the final C jumps up an octave.

Note that this lick is in a 12/8 time signature. It's commonly counted in 4, but with a triplet feel on each beat:

ONE (2 3) TWO (2 3) THREE (2 3) FOUR (2 3)

Or if you want to count the actual beats, the strong beats are 1, 4, 7, and 10:

ONE (2 3) FOUR (5 6) SEVEN (8 9) TEN (11 12)

If you've enjoyed the last few months of Lick of the Week, please see my other guitar and mandolin lessons on this blog. I am also available for private guitar and mandolin lessons in NYC or via Skype.

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