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Lick of the Week 16: June 17

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Lick of the Week coming to you from San Francisco! I'm visiting some friends and doing a little vacationing, but didn't want to let a week go by without another lick. Plus I needed an excuse to stay out of the sun for a little bit and recover from my first attempt at surfing this morning.

This week's lick is inspired by the amazing Grant Green. One of his trademarks was playing repetitive figures like this deep in the groove. The rhythmic figure here covers three 16th notes, which means it doesn't land on a downbeat again until beat 4. This sort of thing adds a lot of excitement to your solo, which is probably why Green used it so frequently on his live recordings!

If you've enjoyed the last few months of Lick of the Week, please see my other guitar and mandolin lessons on this blog. I am also available for private guitar and mandolin lessons in NYC or via Skype.

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