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Lick of the Week 19: July 8

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This week I'm revisiting an older lesson post on modal patterns for guitar and highlighting the pattern over a Lydian Dominant mode.

First, note that the pattern uses two notes per string. It works well with pentatonic scales, but in this case, I'm using the notes from two adjacent chord voicings (Eb7#11 and F9). You'll find those chords next to each other in a the Melodic Minor scale, so if we want to call this an Eb Lydian Dominant lick, we'll need to use the fourth mode of a Bb Melodic Minor scale.

Because of the nature of this lick, you could also play it over an A7 altered dominant chord. In that case you could call it a Super Locrian lick. But it's all basically the same thing, just a matter of what chord you play it over. Melodic minor modal pattern, sounds great over altered dominant chords, makes you sound like you know what you're doing.

Pay attention to the picking pattern as well--one downstroke followed by three upstrokes as you cross the strings. This makes it a lot easier to play at faster tempos.

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