Cameron Mizell

New York Guitarist & Composer

Guitarist Cameron Mizell’s music has been described as “skillfully pairing controlled abstraction with Americana roots” and his playing “superbly presents high technical proficiency, artistry, and melodic skills.” His latest solo guitar album, Memory/Imagination, is available on Destiny Records.

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How To Practice Guitar

As I've been teaching private lessons more frequently and to a wider variety of students, the foundation of every lesson regardless of their abilities, goals, or repertoire, is how to practice. The long term goal of practicing is master the guitar so it is no longer a barrier between the musical ideas in your head and the ears of your listeners.

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Guitar Tone From The Fingers

There's a common debate among guitar players about the origin of tone. Does it come from gear or the guitarist's fingers? It's a silly debate, really. Good tone is completely objective, but more importantly, tone starts with the fingers, and is enhanced by the proper gear. If you're not satisfied with the tone from your fingers, you'll never truly be satisfied with the tone from any guitar, amp, and pedal combination. If you know how to manipulate tone with your fingers, however, you'll be able to make the most out of whatever rig you're playing.

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