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Pre-Order Negative SPaces

Pre-Order Cameron Mizell's new trio album and receive a download of "Whiskey For Flowers" immediately!

Track list:

1) Negative Spaces I (2:56)
2) Big Trees (2:50)
3) Yesterday’s Trouble (6:09)
4) Whiskey For Flowers (5:18)
5) Take The Humble (4:36)
6) Clearing Skies (7:39)
7) Get It While You Can (4:33)
8) Barter (4:58)
9) A Song About A Tree (4:13)
10) Unfolding (5:33)
11) Negative Spaces II (2:36)
12) Echoing, Echoing (5:39)

All music composed by Cameron Mizell (BMI)

Cameron Mizell: Electric and Acoustic Guitars // Brad Whiteley: Hammond C3 Organ, Wurlitzer, Piano, Synth Bass, Fender Rhodes // Kenneth Salters: Drums, Tambourine, Triangle, Finger Chimes

Produced by Cameron Mizell // Recorded by George Shalda

For booking, contact Cameron.

For press, contact Ann Braithwaite.
Download the Press Release.

Negative Spaces CD Release Show

Tuesday, October 11, 2016, 6:30pm
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
185 Orchard St, NYC 10002


Solo Guitar Release


The first solo guitar recording by Cameron Mizell.


Combining improvisational jazz with traces of progressive rock and avant-garde experimentalism, Mizell explores the sounds of the dreaming and waking world. This is a thought-provoking work, one that lingers in the memory long after it has ceased spinning.
- Stacey Zering, No Depression


The album epitomizes a vast and inventive sonic encounter, an unconventional plunge into subliminal escape and mood-altering cognizance. Mizell superbly presents high technical proficiency, artistry, and melodic skills in this praiseworthy and tastefully hypnotic collection.
- Jim Olin, All About Jazz


Recorded July 6, 2015 by Ted Tuthill at Sear Sound, NYC, with Grant Valentine, assistant engineer. Mixed and mastered by George Shalda at Beardog Studios, Austin, TX. Design: Kadie Foppiano. Executive Producer: Mike Shields.

Special thanks to my wife, Jill.

Cameron Mizell: guitar, looper, and effects.

Compositions and improvisations by Cameron Mizell (BMI) except "These Sheets" by Cameron Mizell and Calley Bliss (BMI). 

All songs performed on solo guitar except "Alice" recorded as an overdubbed duet.


Cameron Mizell

For a complete bio, information about gear, and private lesson inquiries:

Freelance guitarist, educator, and music industry consultant, Cameron Mizell has built a reputation of consistent, quality professionalism. He performs frequently in New York City with a wide variety of ensembles, covering a wide variety of repertoire.

As a guitarist, Mizell has released four albums as a leader. His latest, The Edge Of Visibility, is his first solo recording of original compositions and in studio improvisations, utilizing looping and effects to create dynamic and unique tones. In October of 2016, Mizell will release his fifth album, Negative Spaces, featuring keyboardist Brad Whiteley and drummer Kenneth Salters.

Teaching private guitar and mandolin lessons has been a steady part of Mizell's routine for nearly 20 years. He has written lessons for his own website and Premier Guitar, and most regularly teaches on Skype, to students across the United States.

Mizell's experience at Universal Music Group's Verve Records, along with being an independent artist, has given him unique insight into the greater music industry. He has consulted for a variety of artists and labels, specializing in production and creative management. Currently he is working with a small, artist run jazz label, Destiny Records.



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Video + Photos

Playing my new Collings I-35 LC! Through a Vintage Sound Amps Vintage 20.

Solo guitar version of Gillian Welch's tune. Playing the Tele into a Vintage Sound Amps Vintage 20, with a DL4 looper for a little ambience.