Cameron Mizell

New York Guitarist & Composer

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Memory / Imagination



Available on Destiny Records.

Art lives in the space between our memory and imagination.

Recorded November 9, 2016, these solo guitar improvisations reflect on the fight for social justice in America, not just through this election cycle, but issues that have been relevant for generations and have an impact felt across the world. The music is contemplative, dark, and vulnerable, but offers glimmers of hope and perseverance.

Accompanying the album's release will be a series of multidisciplinary, collaborative videos with visual and performing artists inspired by the music and topics at hand. The videos will be released roughly one per week. To view them as they're released, visit the growing collection on Vimeo or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Recent Releases

Negative Spaces

“Rooted in an aesthetic of twangy Americana lines, swirling contemporary keyboards, and blustery hard-bop grooves, the guitarist and his colleagues slide gracefully between emotional extremes
    - DownBeat Magazine, Editors' Pick Oct 2016

"Boasting an inviting sound and evincing a compelling dexterity in his original compositions, Brooklyn-based guitarist Cameron Mizell shapes Negative Spaces with rigor and variety."

"There's so much to appreciate on Negative Spaces thanks to the cohesion of group, it's individual voices, and Mizell's song-oriented vision."
     - The New York City Jazz Record

The Edge Of Visibility

“Splendid… striking… separating this guitarist from the pack.”
    - DownBeat Magazine

"Each track on The Edge of Visibility sounds like fragments of memories, cinematic visuals that unreel in the imagination."
     - No Depression

"Guitarist Cameron Mizell's fearless spirit travels to a different cosmos with his album, The Edge of Visibility. Mizell superbly presents high technical proficiency, artistry, and melodic skills in this praiseworthy and tastefully hypnotic collection."
     - All About Jazz